Lamb's (1995) photopigment template

Template equation



Equation 2' from Lamb (1995), where S(λ) is the spectral sensitivity, lambda is the wavelength in nm, and λmax is the wavelength of peak sensitivity in nm. A = 0.880, B = 0.924, C = 1.104, D = 0.655, a = 70, b = 28.5, and c = -14.1. ┬áThis equation produces a fixed template shape on a log wavelength, log frequency, or normalized frequency scalein accordance with Mansfield's (1985) proposal.


Lamb, T. D. (1995). Photoreceptor spectral sensitivities: common shape in the long-wavelength region. Vision Research, 35, 3083-3091.

Mansfield, R. J. W. (1985). Primate photopigments and cone mechanisms. In A. Fein, & J. S. Levine (Ed.), The visual system New York: Alan R. Liss.