Seminar topics 2020: Sessions for NEUR0017 students

Sign up for one of the seminars by sending an e-mail to, giving also second and third choices after the start of the course. Seminars will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Topics already assigned are followed by the initials of the presenter in red.

Presentations should each be about 10 minutes in length. Please time your presentations before you give them. A data projector will be available in the room. If you need any further help with references, please e-mail the seminar organizers.

The seminar dates are listed in the timetable. Scheduling will depend on student numbers and choices.

Titles already assigned will be denoted by the initials in red.

Retina seminar topics

To be announced.

Pathways and cortical processing seminar topics (SS)

To be announced.

Visual function seminar topics (AS)

To be announced.