Stiles & Burch individual 2-deg colour matching data

The individual data were recovered and processed from the original data by Dr. P. W. Trezona and were tabulated in NPL Report QU68, July 1984, "Individual Observer Data for the Stiles-Burch 2° Pilot Investigation". The report was later reprinted as Trezona, P. W. (1987). Individual observer data for the 1955 Stiles-Burch 2° pilot investigation. Journal of the Optical Society America A, 4, 769-782. Thanks to Boris Oicherman for transcribing the data into an Excel table and to Abhijit Sarkar for cross-checking the tables. The individual data are in the form of an Excel table, which can be obtained by cllicking on the large icon below and then either opening or saving the file. For further information, including an explanation of why the mean of the individual data sets is slightly different from the published 1955 mean, click below.

Stiles & Burch individual 2-deg RGB CMFs

Excel data file
Graphical plot
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Stiles & Burch (1955) mean, published 2-deg colour matching data

Stiles & Burch (1955) 2-deg, RGB CMFs

Stiles & Burch (1955) 2-deg chromaticity coordinates