Photopigments Photopigments

Pigment curves estimated from psychophysics

CVRL functions

      5 nm Cones

Stockman and Sharpe's template equation

Pigment curve templates

Dartnall's rhodopsin nomogram

Lamb's template equation

Suction electrode recordings

Baylor, Nunn & Schnapf (1984): cynmologus monkey rods

Kraft, Schneeweis & Schnapf (1993): human rods

Baylor, Nunn & Schnapf (1987): cynmologus monkey cones

Microspectrophotometry (MSP)

Bowmaker et al. (1978): Rhesus monkey rods, and M- and L-cones

Dartnall, Bowmaker & Mollon (1983): Human rods and cones

Molecular Genetics

Photobleaching difference absorption spectra  [and  λmax values] of human cone pigments produced in cultured cells by Merbs & Nathans (1992a,b)